Welcome to the Archive Server!

Archive is an old system that was salvaged and repurposed for FBC's network and audio services. This project is a work in progress, and the rest of this page is intended to describe its current mission areas.

If you'd like to get involved, contact me (David Holl) through the church office! There's plenty we can brainstorm on together. :) Here are some immediate areas that can always use extra hands:

Live Broadcast Relay - http://fbc-worc.org/live

This system receives a live analog audio feed from the sound rack(s) and relays a digital copy to the church's main web server. This system can also receive photos taken live during any event and automatically transfer them up the the web server for immediate display with the live audio stream.

Service Archives - http://fbc-worc.org/archive

This system keeps backup copies of the worship services dating back to the summer of 2007, when we first started recording digitally. When the digital recordings first started, they were recorded by a member on their laptop connected directly to the sound rack. As a result, some digital recordings are unavailable due to that initial volunteer ever being out sick or visiting family in other states. In the summer of 2011, we purchased a networked digital recorder to permit any sound operator to continue the digital archive as well as expedite editing sermons for release on our public web server.

FBC's Telephone Music-on-Hold Service

This system relays the live worship services to FBC's phone system via the music-on-hold input. Additionally, the phones in the main office, the usher's closet, and both kitchens have their background music feature enabled. This configuration enables folks in these areas to hear the services, and they may change the audio volume via the volume buttons located on each phone.

To enable this service on other phones such as in staff offices or conference rooms, press Feature-8-6, and to turn off the background audio, press Feature-#-8-6. Note: Please leave the Background Music feature enabled in the office, kitchens, and usher's closet to keep life simple for other members. The audio will automatically start when the sound rack is turned on before each service and automatically stop when the rack is shutdown.

For further details, see the printed cheat sheet that hides underneath any of the telephone handsets (on the "Meridian" telephones).